Personalised energy advice in three simple steps











Place Joulo on top of the thermostat in your home and press the button to begin. The button will flash green to show that logging has started.


After a week, the button will flash red. Plug Joulo into your computer’s USB port then log on to our website and follow the steps to upload your data.


Our algorithms analyse your data and give personalised advice on how to save energy and make your home more comfortable.


Joulo won the first place in the 2013 British Gas Connecting Homes competition.




  • PROF. ALEX ROGERS Co-founder

    A world expert in artificial intelligence and smart grid technologies, Alex is a co-founder of Joulo, responsible for our analysis algorithms.

  • DR. REUBEN WILCOCK Co-founder

    An award winning product designer, Reuben is a co-founder of Joulo, responsible for the hardware, firmware and packaging design.

  • KIER DUGAN Back-end Developer

    Our very own code guru, Kier is responsible for back-end server side development and analysis website implementation.

  • Anas Abuzaina Web Developer

    With a background in creative design, Anas is responsible for the Joulo corporate website and analysis infographics.